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Does letting someone handle the details sound good? Our goal is to enhance your brand and maximize your trade show ROI with innovative design, versatile displays, and eye-popping graphics. As your full-service exhibition/display shop we provide services including:

  • rentals

    Renting may be the right fit.

    Omnitec provides an alternative to buying a display. Renting a display may be the answer to:

    •  A one-time or occasional, trade show or event appearance.

    •  The need to be at two places at once.

    •  Expanding/complementing your in-house display with additional messaging potential.

    •  Reducing capital investment, maintenance and storage costs.

    Rentals offer an option to create a custom display, measure the results and help make a more informed decision before committing to a permanent exhibit.

    As a full-service provider, we can customize your rental with a memorable message and high-impact graphics. We offer a variety of portable floor standing displays, tabletop displays, banner stands and other accessories.

  • asset management

    Custodial care of assets.

    Some customers rely on us to store their exhibit or event assets. With business requirements for space and people constantly changing, depending on Omnitec to manage and warehouse display assets can be a cost effective solution.


    Our staff will provide inspection and maintenance of your exhibit on its return from a show. But, importantly, we check and clean your exhibit before it is shipped, to alleviate surprises and extra setup work. When needed, components will be refurbished or replaced to assure functionality, extend their life, and maintain a fresh look.


    Optionally, when you have a changing show team, we can provide important services such as previewing your assembled exhibit, or booth assembly training prior to event installation.


    As a full-service provider we can coordinate all your exhibit logistics; tracking that they arrive and return from shows as planned.


    Additionally, we can furnish:

    •  Packing & Labeling.

    •  Crating Services.

    •  Dedicated Storage Space.

    •  Asset Restoration & Maintenance.

  • exhibition administration

    Leave the details to us.

    Omnitec has years of trade show experience to skillfully plan for show services, keep costs under control, and ensure a successful process. If your staff has limited experience or time to deal with show services, we can relieve the stress and frustration typically associated with:

    •  Wading through the show manual for rules and regulations, service reservations, and deadlines.

    •  Coordination of setup, takedown and shipping of exhibit assets.

    Typical management services may include:

    •  Developing a timeline for all tasks and activities.

    •  Management of show services or show decorators – install/dismantle labor, electrical, carpet, furniture, hanging signs, lighting, drayage, cleaning and other needs.

    •  Installation/Dismantle supervision.

    •  Packing, shipping, special handling and tracking.


    As a full-service provider, we can provide the support services needed to enable your exhibit team to focus on new opportunities and conveying your message.

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