Omnitec Solutions - we build cool stuff. Designers & Builders of trade show exhibits.

The "whole" should be more than the sum of its parts. We provide a single-source design and build service for your whole workspace improvement project or a special significant element. Should we build your "cool stuff?"

Custom cabinetry services.

  • design services

    A design process that focuses on collaboration.

    We work closely with the client to identify their requirements, then develop a clear vision with functional integrity and creative flair. Our experience includes the following:

    •  Dental Offices

    •  Medical Offices

    •  Corporate Lobbies & Public Spaces

        -  reception desks

        -  elevator interiors

        -  customer service areas

        -  entries and staircases

        -  displays, showcases, and kiosks

    •  Demonstration Areas

    •  Retail Outlets

    •  Restaurants

    •  Custom Cabinetry

    We welcome the challenge of solving difficult design problems where typical mass produced products are not the right fit, look or impression. Whether your requirements call for addressing a special need or instilling a lasting imprint, our artistic talent and diverse project background can develop the perfect design.

  • build services

    A build process that ensures quality.

    Our shop capability allows us to control the complete design through build process. We take pride in our work and pay attention to details. Our build services include:

     •  In-house testing & prototyping.

     •  Final construction.

     •  Local delivery.

     •  On-site installation.

    With a long history of building custom cabinetry, we have developed a reputation for creating uniquely crafted works.

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